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I developed an interest in amateur radio when I was a freshman in high school. The first day of school all of the school clubs were setup in the cafeteria trying to recruit new students. I had an interest in listening to shortwave radio stations so I joined the radio club. I passed the exam for the Extra class license in 1980 and was issued my current call sign of KU8E.

Thru my friendship with K8MR I became interested in an amateur radio activity called radiosporting . Many of my current radio friends are contesters that I've become friends with over the years. Many of these friends host contest operations where you can guest operate or be part of a team. I've also operated radio contests (also known as DXpeditions) from outside the United States. Most of these operations have taken place in the Caribbean. In 2006 I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil to be part of the World Radio Team Championship. (WRTC) where John Laney, K4BAI, and I were a team using the callsign PW5Y. Our team came in 22nd place in the competition.

My major interests are CW contesting and DXing. I've never had a large station at home, but I've been part of many multi-op and single-op contest operations. Some of the stations I've operated from include KS8S, W8LT, WM4T, W4ZN, W8FN, W8AV, K8CC, K3LR, N2NU, KW8N, NQ4I, PJ2T, PJ4G, WW4LL and W9SN. Since 2007 I've made a trip to the island of Bonaire, off the northern coast of South America, to operate as PJ4A in the CQWW DX CW Contest. Prior to that starting in 2003 I operated as PJ4R and PJ4A in the ARRL DX CW Contest. I've also operated the IOTA contest several times from the Georgia coastal islands (NA-058) using portable antennas. I'm the director of the Georgia QSO Party. Prior to moving to Georgia I helped restart the Ohio QSO Party in the late 1990's. Since getting involved in State QSO parties I've become interested in going rovering in them. With my friend K4BAI we usually do a rover operation every year in the Georgia, Florida and Alabama QSO parties using the South East Contest Club call sign W4AN.

From my station in west central Georgia my favorite contests to operate are the CQWW DX CW, NA CW Sprint, NAQP CW, ARRL DX CW and ARRL SS. I'm a life member of the ARRL, South East Contest Club, FOC (#1870) and CW Ops (#208). I'm also on the EHam.net team managing the Spotlight and Shack Showcase sections of the web page.

QSL Cards from Places I've Operated From

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