Welcome to the Georgia QSO Party Web Page

The Georgia QSO Party is sponsored by the South East Contest Club and the Southeastern DX Club.

The deadline to submit your 2017 Georgia QSO Party log has passed. All logs received after 0000Z on May 15th, 2017 will be check logs. Click here to query if your log was received.

Important Note: If you used the N3FJP Logging program please change the following Cabrillo file header line for CONTEST: to CONTEST: GA-QSO-PARTY . If you attempt to submit your log on the Log Submission Page with any other value an error will occur and not submit your log. N3FJP has been contacted and will correct this for future Georgia QSO Parties.

Update on 2017 Results

The 2017 GQP results should be out sometime this Fall. The programming for the log checking process is being rewritten. Please be patient.

marks the th year of the Georgia QSO Party. In 1960 Rusty Epps, W6OAT, who back then held the call K4BVD, created the GQP. He did all the initial log checking while still in high school! Some active contesters who operated in the 1st Georgia QSO Party include K0DEQ, K2UFT, K3JJG, K4BAI, K4BVD(W6OAT), K4FRM(K4GK), K4HPR(N4JF sk), K4MPE, K4PHA, K4PQL(N4AF), K4TBN(K4PI), K4UJS(N4UJ), K4VFU/W5JBV(K4MTI), K4WWY, K5UYF(N4MM), K9GDF, K9UIY, W1JYF(W1AX), W2CVW, W4FOA, W4UCZ and WA2DRP(N2JJ).

The GQP has always had good support from the amateur radio community in Georgia. With 159 counties, Georgia has the 2nd most number of counties in the United States, 2nd only to Texas. You can count on most of them being on the air during GQP weekend. The GQP has had a history of having many rover stations on the air that activate some of the rarer Georgia counties. We've had visitors from Texas, California, Kansas, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma and other places who have come to Georgia to go rovering and join in the fun. It's not unusual for the top scoring rover stations to make over 2000 QSO's during the 24 hour contest period.