Georgia QSO Party

Log Submission

Important Note: If you using an older version of the N3FJP Logging program please change the following Cabrillo file header line for CONTEST: to CONTEST: GA-QSO-PARTY . If you attempt to submit your log on the Log Submission Page with any other value an error will occur and not submit your log. N3FJP has updated this on his current version of his logging program.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LOG IS THE CORRECT CABRILLO FORMAT BEFORE SUBMITTING IT. Some older programs don't generate a correct format. The two best programs to use for the Georgia QSO Party are the latest versions of N1MM Logger Plus and N3FJP. Chaz, W4GKF, has also written a free logging program named GQPLog that will run on older computers, (before Windows 10) which you can download from his web page.

While we do still accept paper logs (that accounts for less than 1% of the logs we receive) it would be greatly appreciated if you would download one of the free logging programs and use it. (either N1MM Logger Plus or GQPLog) You don't have to use all the functionally of these programs such as interfacing your radio to the program. That will save us some time and K4BAI won't have to manually enter your log into a program.

Here is a guide on how to setup N1MM Logger Plus for the GQP.