Georgia QSO Party Log Submission Page

  • Logs can be be submitted via email with the log as an attachment to
  • All electronic logs must be submitted in a Cabrillo format.
  • Log filenames should be: “Your Callsign.LOG” if you email a file attachment.
  • The form on this page can also be used to submit your log by copy and pasting it into text area below.
  • Entries must received two weeks after the end of the QSO Party.
  • Received logs will be listed on the Georgia QSO Party web site as soon as possible after receipt.
  • Paper logs can be submitted to : John Laney, K4BAI P.O. Box 421, Columbus, GA. 31902-0421

Important Note: If you used the N3FJP Logging program please change the following Cabrillo file header line for CONTEST: to CONTEST: GA-QSO-PARTY . If you attempt to submit your log on the Log Submission Page with any other value an error will occur and not submit your log. N3FJP has been contacted and will correct this for future Georgia QSO Parties.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LOG IS THE CORRECT CABRILLO FORMAT BEFORE SUBMITTING IT. Some older programs do not generate a correct format. The two best programs to use for the Georgia QSO Party are the lastest versions of N1MM + and N3FJP.

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